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British chilli con carne | how to make chili con carne

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British chilli con carne | how to make chili con carne
Chille con carne is a ‘not so classic’ British recipe. By no means is this a classic Mexican mole chilli recipe. This is a British chilli con carne, and it’s just as good. The key thing to a good chilli con carne, is a lot of little steps done well. By that I mean, you take some care with it. You can’t just bung a load of frozen mince in a pan with some onion and chilli powder, and expect it to turn out magnificent, because it won’t.

My recipe uses a little bit of dark chocolate. This does two things, it adds richness, but also sweetness, which is important for any mole style chilli. I also realise that we spell ‘chilli’ differently to you folks in the US who spell it ‘chili’ and that is fine of course, but I thought i’d mention it, just in case there was any confusion.
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To make my Chilli con carne you will need
►500g of beef mince
►1 red bell pepper
►1 large onion
►2 fat garlic cloves
►1 tsp of ground cumin
►1 + 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika
►About 400ml of good beef stock
►1 x 400g can of chopped tomatoes
►1 x 400g can of drained red kidney beans
►A couple of pieces of dark chocolate
►1 tsp of dried oregano
►1-2 red chillies
►2 tbsp or tomato puree (tomato paste in U.S)
►Coriander for garnish

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