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Chili Bites Recipe, Nandos calls them Peri Bites – Food Fusion

The best and most wanted Chili Bites Recipe. This one is a must try.
This not exactly a recipe for Peri Bites from nandos but we have got really close to what they make. This is our own original recipe which we have perfected over time.
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Written Recipe:

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Chili Bites
Recipe in English

– Chicken fillet 250 gm
– Salt 1 Teaspoon
– Large green chilies 12 -18
– Mozzarella cheese slices 4
– Flour 1 cup
– Bread crumbs 1 ½ cup
– Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
– Eggs 3
– Oil for deep frying
– Honey mustard 2 Tablespoon
– Mayonnaise 4 Tablespoon
– Portuguese peri peri sauce 2 Tablespoon

– Take a pan filled with 3-4 glasses of water, add salt and boil chicken fillet for 10-15 minutes.
– Cut chicken fillet in slices as per chilies size.
– Make cuts in Mozzarella Cheese as per chilies size.
– Make a slit in chilies and deseed them gently.
– Take 2 glasses of water in a bowl, add vinegar and dip all chilies in it for 10-15 minutes.
– Take out chilies from water and pat dry them. Put a chicken slice and cheese inside the chilies and set aside.
– Take three separate bowls, add flour, breadcrumbs and (well beated) eggs in each.
– With the help of spoon coat each chili with flour than dip it in egg and then breadcrumbs, repeat the step.
– Heat oil in a wok. On medium flame fry the chilies until they are golden brown.
-Mix all ingredients of Dip in a a bowl.
– Serve Chili Bites with the dip.

Recipe in Urdu

– Chicken fillet 250 gm (Ek pao)
– Namak hasbe zaika
– moti hari mirch 12-18
– Mozzarella cheese slices 4
– Maida 1 cup
– Bread crumbs 1 ½ cup
– Sirka 2 khanay ke chamach
– Anday 3 phainte hue
– Oil for deep frying
– Honey mustard 2 khanay kay chamach
– Mayonnaise 4 khanay ka chamach
– Portuguese peri peri sauce 2 khanay kay chamach

– Ek patili main 3-4 glass pani len, namak shamil Karen aur gosht ko 10-15 min kay liya ubal lain
– Ublay huay gosh ko slices ki tarha kat lain, mirchon ke size ke mutabik.
– Mozzarella Cheese ko bhi mirch jitna kat lain
– Mirchon ko side se cut laga kar beej nikal lain
– 2 glass pani main sirka shamil Karen aur sab mirchon ko sirkay walay pani main 10-15 minutes keliye chor den.
– Mirchon ko khushk kar kay in main ek slice chicken amd aur ek slice cheese ka daal den.
– Phir bari bari mirchon ko chamchay ki madad se pehlay maiday main, phir ande main aur phir breadcrumbs main dalen, ye step duhrayen.
– oil garam karlen. Ab mirchon ko darmiyani aanch par color golden brown hone tak fry karna hai.
– Dip ke saare ajza ko achi tarah mix karen aur dip tayar hai.
– Chili bites ko dip ke sath serve Karen.
– Akhir main mehmanon ko Array Wah bolnay dain aur enjoy karain.

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