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Ladyfingers Eclair Recipe – Chocolate Ladyfingers Dessert

We will show you how to make a famous ladyfingers dessert which calls Éclairs at home easily.We have made Eclairs from ladyfingers in this tutorial.Using ladyfingers is a quicker way to bake Éclairs otherwise you need to make dough.Therefore this recipe is quicker and simpler.But If you can’t find ladyfingers in stores,here is our another tutorial to make this dessert from homemade dough.You should definetely watch it!
Easy Chocolate Eclairs Recipe:

We have dipped ladyfingers into syrup ,filled it with pudding filling and topped with chocolate sauce. First of all;transfer starch and sugar in a saucepan and crack an egg. Mix it with adding milk and then set over medium heat.Cook it until it gets thicker and boil.Combine vanilla sugar and labneh after you remove the saucepan from heat.The filling cream is ready,let it cool down.Next step is making a syrup to dip ladyfingers into.Cook sugar and water in a cooking pan until it boils.Add lemon juice to syrup once it boils.It’s time to dip ladyfingers into the syrup.Dip ladyfingers into syrup to moisten and place them in a tray.Do the same with the remaining ladyfingers,then spoon the filling on each ladyfinger.Place one more layer on top of the other ladyfingers,after you dip them into syrup.And at the last step,make a sauce for topping.Transfer sugar in a cooking pan.Add starch and cocoa.Mix it with gradually adding milk.Keep mixing and cook until it gets thicker.When you are sure about the consistency,turn the heat off and add butter and bitter chocolate.You can use it after the butter and chocolate melts.It can be treated as a sauce for any dessert.Spread chocolate sauce over Éclairs.Keep in fridge for 3-4 hours before serving,enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to not miss our next videos,we share a new video every other day,stay tuned!
1 pck of Ladyfingers(24 pcs)
For Filling:
2 Cups of Milk
2 Tbsp of Flour
3 Tbsp of Sugar
1 egg
100g Labneh
1 pck of Vanilla Sugar
For Syrup:
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Cup of Water
1 Tsp of Lemon Juice
For Chocolate Sauce:
2 Cups of Milk
2 Tbsp of Cocoa
1 Tbsp of Corn Starch
80g Bitter Chocolate
4 Tbsp of Sugar
1 Tbsp of Butter

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